Aug 29, 2005

U.S. Planted Evidence in Lockerbie

What's that you say? The US would never fabricate evidence to further its own political agenda?

Well, aside from the reasons for going to war with Iraq, there's an article in the UK Scotsman that asserts key evidence in the Lockerbie investigation was fabricated.

I'm going to direct you now to my friend Erica's post over at Soft Pretzel Love. She's a friend of mine who did some journalism work in Lockerbie a few years ago as part of a project in partnership with our alma mater. I forwarded her the article (which was forwarded to me by my friend BYO - how's that for full disclosure?) because I knew her personal involvement would yield a better post than I could ever write.


Brother Kenya said...

Holy shit. I've never heard even the smallest peep about this. I wonder how far it can be taken, and how much press it might get over here.

Adobo said...

I believe it. Ordinary citizens tend to be expendable when it comes to protecting political dominance, or its attempt to conceal its weakness. Fast forward 10 years....TWA 800.

Hollywood usually has it right on. Rent these:
Wag the Dog, Capricorn One (OJ!), All the President's Men.