Aug 31, 2005

Toxic Gumbo

The storm is over, but the worst is already here. The water and sludge now covering The Big Easy is contaminated with sewage, natural gas, decomposing bodies, and hazardous waste.

Local officials said they fear diseases such diarrhea, cholera and malaria could spread, just as they did after a tsunami devastated Southeast Asia eight months ago.
As the Rude Pundit suggests, this may be the "viable exit strategery" that the U.S. needs to pull out of Iraq. Hell, let's do it. Who among the legislature would vote against securing the safety and well-being of our fellow Americans in the South?

(With inspiration from esteemed colleague and fellow BARBARian King of Zembla)


BushCheney08 said...

ugh. . Another liberal.

dont read my blog.

Adobo said...

Heeeere Bushy.....Bushy! Heeeere Bushy.....Bushy! Come Boy! There is oil in the gulf coast too!! Fetch boy! Come Bushy! Come to the Gulf Coast!!

We shouldn't need an excuse to bring em home, but if that's what it takes... Send em home to fix the home of our compadres in the South Mr. Bushy!

Adobo said...

Hey Mr. Bushy! You drop food/med supplies by helicopter in Iraq. Can't you do that in New Orleans??

Things that make you go hmmmmm.

JollyRoger said...

Perhaps even more infuriating than this, is that we can reasonably argue that the people of Louisiana are themselves casualties of El Shrubbo's Great Patriotic War.

How many more must die because of this war of lies, this grab at empire?