Jan 23, 2008

Project Runway After Party - Season 4

Episode 9: “Even Designers Get the Blues”
(aka "Oh my god, I'm gonna die of barfness!")

Morning after Kit’s Aufing. Victorya accidentally calls Sweet P “Kit,” to which Sweet P protest loudly. So Victorya does it again. Weirdo passive aggressive cow.

Ricky decides to wear his black and white painters cap today. Unfortunately.

Heidi initiates the whole boring “pick a model” thing.

Field trip!

Rami waxes poetic about what the field trip could mean. Either you go to the garbage dump and have to make a wedding dress out of it, or you get flown to Paris and have to make a couture gown, he says.

He’s so meta.

Christian notices that they’re bringing them to some borough, and struggles to fit the word “fabulous” in. He doesn’t sound too convincing.

It turns out that Tim brings them to some pier overlooking the East River. I know I said in my last recap that I hate Rami because of how he treated Sweet P during the last challenge. But there’s a shot of them walking together, Rami with his arm around her. So now I kind of like Rami again.

I’m so fickle. Isn’t it so fierce of me?

Anyway, the garage door thing goes up slowly, gradually revealing more than 500 pairs of Levi’s 501s and some cotton hung up on clotheslines towards the back of the huge garage/warehouse thingy.

This week’s challenge? Create an iconic denim look of your choice while creating synergy and increased equity for the Levi’s brand or something.
The budget? Who needs a budget when Levi’s paid for this episode?

The designers are told to run to the other end of the garage thing and snatch up as many denim pieces they can. You know Chris is hating this. Sweet P loses a shoe in the name of fashion, such a brave one, that Sweet P. Rami grabs all the dark jeans he could find. Robot picks the lightest color she can find. Chris grabs whatever he can get. Fierce started out with a plan, and then grabbed whatever. Chris graciously gives Victorya a pair of jeans that were left on the floor. I think he just didn’t want to bend over to pick it up.

Tim gives the designers until midnight to bust this thing out.

Ricky thinks that denim is fun sometimes, and tells us that he’s made a few of his hats out of denim. Seriously, Ricky? Enough with the hats already.

We start to hear more about Rami’s life growing up in Jerusalem, complete with gratuitous baby photos. He says that he wants to show Levis that they can be fashion-forward and hip. As far as I know, you can’t drape denim. Will this challenge be Rami’s undoing?

Christian thinks that the challenge is disgusting because they basically gave him a design-school challenge. I’m guessing he’s not so much into deconstructionism. Everyone fantasizing about inflicting bodily harm on him because they’re all sick of his prepubescent snark.

Jillian realizes that Victorya is also making a denim coat, and they both worked on a coat in the last challenge and she totally didn’t know that Victorya was “also into coats,” so she’s tripping out.

Cut to commercial. Chloe lives in L.A. now and hangs out at Echo Park for design inspiration? She is so ‘Mi Vida Loca.’

Christian got inspired by Levi’s look book, so he decided to make a trucker jacket for a woman. Sweet P is making a kind of wedding dress. We hear about her husband and how he’s supporting her right now while she’s trying to get her fashion game on.

Christian says what we’re all thinking: Ricky should have gone home instead of Kit. And Ricky senses it, so he proceeds to give us his resume: I heard Oscar de la Renta and some other designer names.

Chris talks to himself --- or to the garment. It’s part of his creative process. Whatever you need to do, my dear. We heart you.

Tim comes in and calls Ricky’s dress “stunning.” Frankly, I’m stunned at Tim’s comment. Ricky is making something stunning?

He thinks Chris’ garment looks “incongruous,” and it reminds me of geometry class, so I tune out for the rest of the conversation.

Jillian still has a ways to go with her garment. Tim thinks Rami’s zipper detail trim has the potential for blowing everyone away. (That's because we've already seen this in Jeffery Sebelia's collection. But Tim has a crush on Rami, so how soon they forget!) Tim thinks Victorya’s outfit is looking very “patch-worky.” And he’s not loving Sweet P’s wedding dress is “happy hands of home-granny circle.”

“Resolve the skirt,” he tells her after making the Home Alone face.

God, I love the feedback Tim comes up with. How do you “resolve” a skirt?

Anyway, Sweet P makes a quick change to the garment. I hope it works, girl. I’m rooting for you!

Back in the sewing room, it becomes apparent that Jillian’s freakout is imminent. She keeps cutting herself at the sewing machine and she starts to cry. She’s bleeding everywhere, so Rami comes over and he doesn’t see any blood. Even when Jillian is freaking out and bleeding all over the place, she's still utterly bland.

Christian doesn’t even throw out any gratuitous “fierces” for a while because he’s so busy trying to get his garment finished.

[Sidebar: I’m going to try my hardest to remember to watch ‘Top Chef’ this season, for crying out loud. It’s like one of my New Year’s resolutions or something.]

The next morning, Jillian reminds us how determined she is while Rami mists his face. As silly as it is to mist your face, I have to admit that he mists his face quite beautifully.

Models come in for fittings, and Ricky hasn’t cried yet. Amazing.

Victorya is in love with her boring coat. Jillian is totally last minute. Christian thinks everyone sucks, as usual. And ---- Rami resorts to the glue gun!

Et tu, Rami?

On to the runway!

Heidi announces that nobody will be getting immunity from here on out.

Rami’s garment reminded me of the candy wrapper challenge for some reason. Christian’s jacket – while cool, reminded me of that jacket he made for the “I’m-not-fat-anymore” challenge. It's that same skinny-with-puffy-shoulder jacket he always makes when he's not making a dress. Victorya’s jacket looked like the jacket they made for the coutoure challenge. Sweet P’s dress? I loved it, of course. It didn’t remind me of anything I’ve seen in previous episodes.

NINAGARCIA and Kors loved Christian’s work. They all pronounce the birth of a new jean: The Motocross Jean. Twenty bucks says we see "The Motocross Jean" at the GAP this fall.

NINAGARCIA thinks Chris’s dress looks dated and not iconic. Heidi thought the dress looked unfinished or home sewn. Kors thinks he should have taken the fraying further. Heidi thought it was boring. “Very Joan Cusack in ‘Working Girl’”

The judges liked Rami’s. NINAGARCIA thought his outfit was very sophisticated and very Rami. She also thought it was refreshing that he was forced to not drape this time around. I can't wait until she calls out Christian for making that same jacket and Jillian for making another damn trenchcoat.

The judges also liked Ricky’s. Kors reveals he loves Amy Winehouse and basically says that Ricky’s lingerie experience finally showed through on his construction of this denim dress. Ricky starts crying, of course.

“What’s up with you?” Heidi asks him.

Girl, don’t even get me started. It’s kind of like Ricky’s ashamed of his lingerie-making background or something, the way he keeps crying whenever you bring it up.

The judges aren’t liking Jillian’s at all. Heidi says it makes her model look like a marshmallow. Jillian’s problem? Biting off more than she could chew. Oh, and also being a zombie.

Kors thinks Sweet P’s dress looks “super chic,” and it has some “voodoo” to it that makes you look slimmer. NINAGARCIA loved it. “It’s versatile,” she says. God, I love Sweet P. She’s so cute. I think I have a little girly crush on her.

The judges thought Victorya’s garment was disjointed. “Like a jean jacket and a skirt glued together.

[SIDEBAR: I totally NEED one of those Mac laptops that fit in an interoffice envelope.]

Ricky wins this challenge, and is told that they are going to sell his dress on Levi.com. Surprisingly, he doesn’t cry after hearing that. Jesus H, I don’t understand this man.

Victorya gets The Auf.

The designers who make it to the next round aren’t looking too distraught about her leaving. Heh heh. They all hate her too.

Next week: Sweet P and Christian arm wrestle!

Jan 22, 2008

R.I.P. Heath Ledger

Actor Heath Ledger was found dead in his Manhattan apartment today.

That sucks. We at YFP! extend our deepest condolences to his family.

(Photo credit: Fairfax Digital)

Jan 16, 2008

Project Runway After Party - Season 4

Episode 8: En Garde!
(aka, “Hello Bravo? Just a bit of feedback: Your website ruined my joy tonight!”)

Before I start this recap, I just want to share with you a little tip: Don’t check BravoTV.com before the show airs. I found out who got The Auf before the opening credits ended. Grr. But like the good blogger I am, I’m going to make it work, dammit.

So the show begins, and Heidi brings out their models, all of whom are rocking crazy hairstyles. The folks at the Tressemme hair room look like they’ve gone crazy with the crimping iron!

The designers re-pick their models. Yadda yadda. Two models end up getting kicked out – one with a non-hairstyle, and the second one with dreads. I bet the second one is hating the fact that they basically locked her hair up for nothing. That's going to be a bitch to untangle, girl!

The challenge: Design an avant-garde garment based on your model’s hairstyle.
Budget: $300
Time: 2 days

Back in the workroom, Tim tells them the look, since it's supposed to be avant garde, doesn’t have to be realistic, or even wearable. This should be great then. I'm looking at you, Chris.

He also tells them they have to work in teams. Ouch. The teams are:
  • Kit and Ricky (Team "I don't have a clever name")
  • Sweet P and Rami (Team Micromanage)
  • Chris with Christian (Team Fierce)
  • Victorya and Jillian (Team Bland)
While the teams get together and start conceptualizing, I learn a few things. Such as: Christian used to work at Alexander McQueen; Kit loves her some avant-garde design; Sweet P’s mind doesn’t naturally gravitate toward the avant garde; Ricky has a new hat; Victorya and Jillian, together, are even more of a yawn-fest than they are separately; Christian’s drag queen name might be Feroshhhh.

Jillian tells us that she and Victorya’s Achille’s heel is time management. Normally, I’d take this to mean that one of them is going to get kicked off, but NOT THIS TIME, since BravoTV.com has seemed to forget that there are people on the West Coast who are watching the show right now who still like to be surprised.

Rami is growing frustrated with Sweet P because she’s taking forever making her pants, but Sweet P thinks he’s tripping out, because they’re like, almost done with the pants and some corset. I decide that Rami’s a little control freak, and a bit of a perfectionist. In another context, I’d usually view these as somewhat positive traits; but he’s starting to get on my girl Sweet P’s last nerve, so I’m a little on edge. He’s not even liking her idea of a bustle, for chrissakes. You'll regret this, Rami!

Tim comes back to the workroom with a special announcement: There will be another look walking down the runway. In other words, they have to re-conceptualize their avant garde look and translate it into something more commercial and ready-to-wear. This challenge is supposed to mimic The Real World of a Fashion Designer or something.

Christian wants to vomit. Jillian panics because they only have one day left, and they're a bunch of laggers. Ricky wants to be a hero, so he offers to make Garment #2 all by himself. Victorya presents symptoms that resemble morning sickness or something. Sweet P tries to explain a concept to Rami, but he blows her off because she doesn’t seem convinced, or because navy blue isn’t really “day.” Or something.

Tim gives the designers another $50, so they go back to Mood for more fabric. It seems like five minutes pass before Tim brings the models in for their fittings.

Ricky’s really optimistic about his and Kit’s apron dress. Surprisingly, he doesn't cry about it. Jillian’s freaking out because she remembers that Victorya has immunity for this challenge, so if the judges don’t like their garments, Jillian’s ass is out.

Christian demonstrates how the models should walk. If I walked like that, I’d dislocate my hip or throw my back out or something. But Christian, being all young and limber and such, works it like a champ.

Rami keeps nagging and micromanaging my girl Sweet P, so much so that she starts crying. I officially hate Rami now.

Tim brings in some guy from Tressemme to consult with the designers. Something about translating the avant-garde hairstyle into something you and I can do when we're rushing off to work and only have 10 minutes to spend on our hair. The winning team’s designs and hairstyles will appear in Elle magazine.

Pfft. Whatever. I already know who it's NOT going to be...

With four hours left to go, Tim checks in with Team Fierce, and is concerned with their ready-to-wear look, that it doesn’t translate well from the avant garde. He checks in with Kit and Ricky, questioning whether their garment is too costume-y. He questions whether Rami and Sweet P’s garment is avant garde enough. Tim's worried. At this point, Rami brings up the difficulties in their working relationship, as if that's any excuse. Team Bland hasn’t even started their second look yet. Hello? Four hours. Get it together, ladies! Jillian, switch your robot setting to turbo, honey!

At the sewing machine, Jillian actually has a human moment when she freaks out and almost bangs her head against an invisible wall.

On the day of the runway show, Jillian starts on the second garment. Seeing as how I ALREADY KNOW WHO GETS THE AUF, I’m not even excited about the prospect of Jillian the Robot getting kicked off for putting together a dress in what seems like an hour.

Hair and makeup. Yadda yadda.

Sidebar: Heidi’s runway dress with the asymmetrical ruched neckline? HOT. I totally want it.

Alberta Ferretti is tonight’s guest judge.

Let’s start the show!

Rami and Sweet P’s corset dress was pretty and edgy, but I thought the black pants underneath was incongruous to the rest of the outfit. I mean, it wasn't really avant garde; it was more like the model tried on that dress in the dressing room and never took off her pants.

Team Fierce’s “Angels in America”-meets-Auntie Mame-meets-Can Can was over the top in a delightful, theatrical way. I loved, loved, loved the multiple ruffles of 46 yards of fabric or whatever, thankyouverymuch. Christian’s RTW look was pretty much typical Christian with the pleating/ruffling down the middle.

Ricky and Kit’s dress looked like a big Cinderella hoop-skirted ballgown – that is, Cinderella before the ball. The RTW dress looked like something out of a Butterick pattern or something.

Team Bland’s jacket was perfect. So military. So punk rock. So ... Tartan. I thought Jillian's RTW dress didn’t match this theme at all. It was too cute and girly compared to the structured (dare I say it?) fierceness of the avant-garde look.

As expected (from the shows's editing and the fact that Bravo robbed me of any sense of suspense tonight), Sweet P and Rami's team and Ricky and Kit's team had the lowest scores.

Michael Kors said Team Fierce's dress was “heaven.” Very “soignée.” Don't make me look that up.

Team Bland says their look is along the lines of punk rock equestrian. Good to know I got that impression right away. NINAGARCIA didn’t really mind the RTW dress, and I think NINAGARCIA needs glasses. That dress was as boring as watching Victorya and Jillian flip a disc to decide who gets to be the team leader.

Rami tells Heidi that he was thinking of creating some kind of dichotomy between hard and soft with his garment. Kors thought Sweet P’s RTW dress was more forward-looking than Rami’s. Vindication for Sweet P, thank Jah. Sweet P, ever the diplomat, said that Rami really wanted to "take control of his design." You just know Sweet P wanted to roll her neck and be all like,

"Heidi, this bitch is crazy!"

Any damn way, Rami's counterargument to that was that she and he "work differently." Kors counters back, saying that the best design teams are usually those whose designers don’t see eye-to-eye to begin with. You know. Diversity of ideas, or something. So there.

Alberta Ferretti thinks Kit’s dress was a cheap Scarlet O’Hara. Heidi says it’s not well made. NINAGARCIA brings up the whole “If I were going to use this for Elle” argument, saying that this would not be something she’d pick.

And you know when NINAGARCIA starts on the whole "What Would Elle Magazine Do?" angle, girlfriend's serious.

During deliberations, Heidi shows some frustration at Rami, the draping wonder. She didn’t like how he threw Sweet P under the bus, and I think she wants to start seeing something new from him other than his signature, wonderfully draped evening gown. I couldn’t agree more.

Rami, you and your eyes had me at hello, but you and your ego lost me with your micromanagement of Sweet P. Sigh.

Kors wonders if Kat and Ricky even know what avant garde means. (And in case you don't, Dear Reader, click here.) NINAGARCIA said their garments were amateurish. Ouch.

Sidebar: Millionaires have a certification process? I’ve already decided that I will hate Bravo's “The Millionaire Matchmaker.” What is up with this network glorifying the lives of the bored, wealthy, and vapid? Leave that shit to M T V, for crying out loud.

Christian, as team leader, wins the challenge and gets immunity for the next challenge. He’s loving this win, because since he’s so young, he “doesn’t have much press yet.”

Kit, as team leader, is out.

But I knew that already.

Next week: Jillian is a bit of a drama queen. Who knew?

Jan 12, 2008

Why Emeril is one corny ass mofo

If you can't read that, it says "Roasted Gaaahlic."

Pick some up next time you buy EVOO while you're at it. Ugh.

(Thanks to Alvin for the photo.)

Jan 9, 2008

Project Runway After Party - Season 4

Episode 7: "What a Girl Wants"
(or, alternatively,"Designers, don't even think about not finishing your hems!")

The sun rises over the horizon, and we see the designers getting ready for the day. We finally see how Christian gets his hair like that (hairdryer).

Rami has immunity for this week’s challenge, which is to make an outfit for one of the most important days in a woman’s life. Rami hopes it’s not for a wedding dress. Me neither, because I don't think I could handle a sappy episode right now.

Heidi calls out a bunch of New Jersey Catholic schoolgirls, who walk out in khaki skirts and white polo shirts. The designers are going to be making prom dresses, and the designers are relieved. Except Christian, who thinks prom is “horrible and tacky and gross.”

The kids got to chose their own designers themselves after looking at their portfolios. Chris March warns his client to not get too scared, because he might design some Beach Blanket Babylon outfit!

This is gonna be gooood.

In the workroom, Tim tells the designers that they’ll have strong ideas about the dresses, but they have to remember that they’ll need to also assert their own personal style.
Budget: $250
Time: One and a half (?) days

Upon consulting with their clients:
  • Kevin asserts his Jerz street cred while publicly declaring that he’ll put a chastity belt inside the dress, just how mom likes it.
  • Victorya’s client got last pick, so it's not like she really wanted to pick Victorya, although her client does her best to convince her that she did. Burn!
  • Sweet P has to struggle with a client who wants a really revealing, ivory dress.
  • Christian’s fabulous client takes the pencil out of Christian’s hand and starts telling him that she wants a train, and gold, and lace. Christian wants to cry.

At Mood (whose tote bags I TOTALLY WANT, by the way), the designers choose their fabrics, yadda yadda.

We see Christian’s prom picture. I think he looks way better with a mohawk.

Jillian wants to make a “mosaic” of a dress. Everyone reminisces about their prom days, and Kit reveals that she was a little OC prom princess. Chris March tells a Flintstone/caveman gay joke, which is funny considering my boss refers to him as “Fred Flintstone Gay.” Ricky (whom my boss refers to as “Thomas the Train Gay”) calls his mom on his T-Mobile Sidekick and starts crying again. I have the sinking feeling that we’ll be seeing a lot more Ricky tears this episode to make up for the dearth of Ricky tears in the last episode.

So far, the editors have focused on Jillian (“Is my hair bigger than usual today?”), Sweet P, and Ricky. Oh yeah, and way too much Christian, Mr. “I’m not going to let a high school girl push me around. Hmm. I wonder which one is getting cut this episode?

It’s the next day, and we’re back from commercial and everyone’s doubting their designs. Victorya decides to change the silhouette, with the approval of Christian.

Tim brings in the daughters and their mothers. Kevin’s client’s mom says she looks pregnant in the dress, but he tells her it’s part of that new babydoll style. Nice save.

Victorya’s model ends up liking the new silhouette because it makes her legs look hot.

Sweet P’s client loves the dress. Christian’s client hates her dress.

“I’m not a dressmaker; I’m a designer,” he says.

I’m having trouble ascertaining the difference, but okay, Christian, whatever you say.

Kevin tells Tim that he may leave the hem raw, thinking the judges won’t notice. Um, hello? What show do you think you’re on? That NINAGARCIA has eyes like a hawk!

Tim tells Christian that he’s concerned about the dress. He doesn’t hate Christian’s dress, and reminds him that he’s too good and too talented to give up.

Kevin still refuses to hem the dress, despite Chris’ warnings to the contrary.

The next morning, Christian vows to make the most of his chocolate bubble dress.

Ricky made his prom date’s dress. Sweet P went to Catholic school. Chris March didn’t go to his prom. Rami grew up in Jerusalem, where they don’t have prom.

Christian’s client is annoying as all hell, and I hope that I wasn’t like that when I was their age.

On to the runway!

Sweet P’s dress? Gorgeous and flowy. Victorya’s? Cute, young, flirty, babydoll. Chris March’s? Glamorously commercial. Kevin’s? I think the red halter made her look stocky. Jillian’s? Nice and flowy and airy, but I hate asymmetrical hems. Christian’s? Brown pouf. The model tried to work it, though. Kit’s? Sporty. Ricky’? Stiff, but ultra feminine. Rami’s? A variation on the dress he made in the first episode.

Kit, Jillian, and Chris make it to the next round and are sent off the runway.

That means Sweet P, Victorya, Christian, Rami, Kevin and Ricky have to stay for critique.
This week’s judges are Michael Kors, NINAGARCIA, and Gilles Mendel (guest judge).

The judges loved Sweet P’s dress (yay!).

Kevin mentions that his model is Filipino, which, apparently means that she must wear red or something. I beg to differ. Kors says that he is distracted by the hemming. We told you so! They hated it. “It looks like $29.95 prom,” Kors says.

Victorya says that she thinks the dress is what her client wanted to project herself to be, whatever that means. Her model loves the dress though, so I guess that’s all that matters.

Christian tells the judges that his client is very opinionated, at which point the girl acts all shocked. Whatever, honey. Own it. NINAGARCIA reminds Christian that being a good designer also requires that he have some tact when dealing with clients, and doesn’t like that he’s blaming his client for her ugly design aesthetic. Word, Nina. Word.

Ricky says that the girl inside him would wear that dress. His client loves it, but NINAGARCIA says the bottom ruching looks sloppy. Kors and Heidi tell Ricky that the dress is kind of bland. That it’s a “non-event.” Ricky starts to tear up. Shocker!

Heidi says that Rami’s dress is too “lady who lunches.” NINAGARCIA says the dress is too sophisticated for a teenage girl. Rami upholds his design aesthetic.

Victorya wins the challenge and has immunity for the next challenge.

Kevin gets the Auf.

Next week looks like another group challenge! We shall see …

Helvetica, the movie

Don't confuse legibility with communication. Just because something is legible, doesn't mean it communicates. And, more importantly, [it] doesn't mean it communicates the right thing. ---David Carson

I finally got around to watching Gary Huswit's documentary about your favorite font and mine, Helvetica. I know I'm late. I didn't hear about the SF screening until after it was over. So sue me. Anyway. From the film's web site:

Helvetica is a feature-length independent film about typography, graphic design and global visual culture. It looks at the proliferation of one typeface (which is celebrating its 50th birthday this year) as part of a larger conversation about the way type affects our lives.

Forgive this ultra-geeky episode of mine, but if you appreciate fonts at all, you'll love this movie.

Update your Netflix queues now. Trust. It's such a great discussion about this font, graphic design, and typography in general. Interview subjects include the guy who did the signs for the NYC subway, the guy who designed the fonts Georgia and Verdana, the guy who designed the Meta typeface (a font of a previous employer), the art director for the now-defunct Ray Gun magazine, and industry people with famous last names like Hoefler and Zapf.

Aww yeah. One word for font enthusiasts: Fontgasm. I'm just saying.

Photo: "Helvetica as Metallica," Yann Serandour. Lifted from here. Why not go for the obvious helvetica-font picture? Because it's a font. Someone made a movie about it. If that's not fucking hardcore, I don't know what is, man.

Jan 8, 2008

Our Lady of Perpetual Craziness

Britney Spears as hyper stylized, garden fairy nymph/Virgin Mary? Best piece of pop culture art. Ever.

Unfortunately, I don't know who the original artist is, so if you're out there reading this, mad props to you. One love.

(Courtesy of Perez Hilton. Don't judge!)

Jan 4, 2008

Rainy Day Friday Morning Tea Blogging

As with all things Japanese, this is just cute.

Two leaves and a bud. Por vida.

(Props to Rich for the link, courtesy of Steap.)

Jan 2, 2008

Project Runway After Party - Season 4

Episode 5: "Eye Candy"
(or, alternatively, "Sweet P, you better stop listening to Christian, y'hear?")

And we’re back! Did you miss me?

Kevin laments at how they’re “dropping like flies” at this point. Sweet P’s “elated” that she’s made it this far. Kit is looking fierce with her scarf.

At Parsons, Heidi goes on her spiel about the models, etc. Two models have to go, yadda yadda. Are the models genuinely happy to be paired with a certain designer, or are they just in it for themselves? I ponder this question while the rest of the designers go through the boring process of choosing their models.

Hey Bravo, next time, when you bring out the models, make sure Heidi’s not wearing the same kind of dress they are, mmmkay? Fabulous.

Heidi tells the designers that they have a field trip coming, but that they should go back to the New Gotham apartments (or whatever it is you call their accommodations) to rest. What, are they filming this shot at 2 a.m. or something?

At 6 a.m. the next day, Tim Gunn wakes the designers up and tells them to get dressed and meet him in the lobby. Kit’s cracking up because she answered the door in her pajamas.

“I didn’t even have my bra on!”

I hear you, girl. That’s totally embarrassing.

I see one of the girls with what appears to be a canvas shopping bag from Mood. I TOTALLY WANT ONE.

So Tim leads the designers to Time Square, their destination? The Hershey’s store.

“Great, we get to make shit out of candy,” Christian says.

You got it, sister!

The Hershey’s store representative is a little too “on” for my taste. As in, someone totally rehearsed her talking points!

Budget? No budget, thanks to Hershey’s I begin to daydream back to the days of Season One in which the product placements seemed a little more subtle.

Chris grabs all the pillows. Miz Robot picks Twizzlers. Christian decides he’s going to use Reese’s peanut butter cup wrappers for his garment.

Time’s up, and the designers leave with their goodies, while the Hershey’s rep wishes them a “sweet day.”

Seriously. She did. Ugh.

Tim tells the designers back at Parsons that they have until midnight to finish the garments. Double ugh.

Christian! You are throwing away all of those perfectly good Reese’s peanut butter cups. You bitch. Still love you, though.

Elisa decides to make a dress for her daughter, Calliope. She tells us that she got hit by a Porsche in London as she was about to launch a clothing line in London. She sees this stint on Project Runway as a way to reclaim the life she could have had if she didn't get hit by that car.

Do you smell that? It smells like foreshadowing!

Christian is done with his garment early, so he decides to offer feedback to the rest of the designers. He manages to dissuade Sweet P from continuing with her original garment, a teal blue and brown dress that incorporated smashed-up coffee mugs in a mosaic pattern. He tells her it needs a bit of editing, so Sweet P decides to make another skirt.

Girl, don’t give in! This is a competition? Do I need to remind you?

Kevin vows to mention, in every forthcoming interview, that he will off him. Christian, that is. Surprisingly, I don't object this time.

Tim comes around to critique everyone’s dresses. Elisa’s dress is apparently inspired by Someone Von-Something’s take on a Hansel and Gretel dress. I know, I don’t get it either. Tim is worried. Jillian shares her concern about the tedium involved in making the Twizzlers bodice. Sweet P is starting over on a new skirt, per Christian's instructions. Tim says her new skirt looks like a coffee filter or a MAXI PAD. I almost spit out my tea at that. Understandably, Sweet P is freaking out. Tim Gunn, you're so nasty. I love it!

Midnight is quickly approaching, and Elisa is quick to point out the Cinderella parallel. Meanwhile, Sleeping Beauty --- er, I mean, Chris --- is snoring on the couch.

The designers go home for the evening, and Jillian’s Twizzler bodice is falling apart.

The next morning, Christian proclaims that the workroom is a “tranny mess up in here.” Is that code?

The models come in for a fitting. I’m surprised none of them have dived into Christian’s garbage can full of Reese’s peanut butter cups.

Don’t act like you wouldn’t.

Jillian’s model decides to help her hand-stitch the Twizzlers. Christian proceeds with the shit talking.

On to the runway!

Heidi just said something about proceeds going to some organization that helps fight breast cancer and I totally missed it. Let’s start the show!

Ricky’s garment was totally fun and playful. Chris’s dress was surprisingly toned down. Yay Chris! Kit’s dress is made out of Kit Kat wrappers (of course!). Elisa’s garment reminded me of fleurchons from seasons past, causing me to convulse. Kevin’s dress was super elegant, even if it did have a bolero jacket. Christian’s dress was really pretty as well, even though I still won't forgive him for wasting pounds and pounds of perfectly good Reese's peanut butter cups. Sweet P’s dress was very feminine, but something in the finishing left much to be desired. Rami’s dress looked very futuristic and sexy. Jillian the Robot's Twizzler dress totally worked. Phew. Victorya’s ruffled concoction looked like an off-kilter lederhosen-y dress. Zac Posen looked disturbed by it.

Ricky, Christian, Kit, and Kevin make it to the next round.

That leaves Jillian, Rami, Elisa, Victorya, Chris and Sweet P to stay behind for critique.

Zac says that Rami’s dress was well constructed and fits her perfectly.

Oh yeah. Zac Posen's the guest judge for this episode. Moving on ...

The judges love Jillian’s dress. Kors says it’s “deliciously chic.” I agree - she really worked hard to make this dress work, and it shows. I'm not really a Twizzlers fan, though. I'm a Red Vines kinda girl. I think it's a regional thing. But I digress.

Kors says that Elisa's brown velvet dress looks like something from the flea market. That it robbed him of his joy. The judges obviously have a problem with Victorya’s dress – it’s not wearable. It’s Dairy Queen in lederhosen, for crying out loud!

Chris says he tries to recreate something Warhol-ish. Kors thought he was going to go over-the-top, but that he made a great editing choice. NINAGARCIA throws out the “would I shoot this for Elle?” standard, which Chris passes just fine.

Sweet P’s dress, according to Heidi, was boring. NINAGARCIA thought it looked too easy. And sad. Kors is again robbed of his joy. I was underwhelmed. Shoulda kept the mosaic, girlfriend.

During deliberations, we learn that it’s neck and neck between Rami and Jillian. Rami’s got her on the detail, but Jillian might have an edge because she actually used something edible. The judges also decree that Chris actually does have taste after all, contrary to popular belief.

Rami wins the challenge and gets immunity will have immunity for the next episode.

Elisa is out, and I’m really sad to see her go!

I still think Sweet P should have stuck to her mosaic dress. Girl, you got lucky this time.

UPDATE, 1/4/08: Hot damn, I do love me some recaps from Season One Winner Jay McCarroll:

"some people are cute when they sleep...chris march snoring...not so cute."