Aug 25, 2005

The iPod. It ain't just for music anymore.

And now, in a marketing move I'm sure you all have been dying for, Kraft Foods now has a special section of their website in which you can download recipes.

To - wait for it - your iPod. Or Blackberry. Or cell phone. Or other PDA device.

“More and more consumers are out of home and away from their Internet connections and we need to determine how to get recipe ideas to them where they are,” said Ian Smith, director of global digital marketing at Kraft. Whether through iPods, cell phones, Blackberrys or PDAs, he said, “you’re going to see these new media get a lot more attention from us in the future.”

Right. Because what I really want to touch - especially when my hands are all greasy and messy from cooking - is my technology. And yet:

Mr. Smith said that since the July 25 launch, several thousand people have downloaded recipes, among them grilling ideas featuring Kraft’s Zesty Italian dressing and desserts using Kraft’s Cool Whip and Jell-O brands, to their iPods.

Some of the recipes available for download:
Pesto crostini
Spaghetti crust pizza
Frozen peach citrus squares

I think I'll just stick to cookbooks.

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revidescent said...

This is amusing because, thinking about it, people who need creative ways to prepare their kraft cheese & macaroni probably don't own an iPod.

Maybe I'm being judgmental, but I don't think that college students, who do own iPods, care about anything other than making it fast and eating it.

Now that I'm trying to be gluten free, it's all moot. I'll content myself with some of these