Aug 16, 2005

Taking "Tea Time" to the next level

Charbay, a Napa Valley-based winery and micro-distillery, is coming out with a new vodka flavored with green tea. This news is of particular interest to me, considering the kind of work that I do. Anyway, I'd be curious to know whether this vodka will carry with it more vegetal notes, or if it will be perfumy, like jasmine-scented green teas usually are. In any case, I bet it'll be yummy.

[Owner Miles Karakasevic's] son and distilling partner, Marko, says:

"People can't wait to try it since it's the first Green Tea Vodka produced in the U.S. Our advantage is we have the stills, the know-how and our own bottling line to keep being creative."
Indeed. I can't wait to try it either.

No word yet on whether this green tea-infused vodka carries with it any health benefits, heh heh.

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