Aug 17, 2005

Good News for Average Joe

According to a Playgirl magazine survey:

Playgirl asked 2,000 of its readers what they find sexy in a man and the answers were surprising: 42% said they thought love handles were kind of sexy and 47% approved of chest hair.


"This survey shows that the guy who's most attractive to our readers is not your average Hollywood hunk," said Playgirl editrix Jill Sieracki. "It's the average Joe who came up on top. Women are practical about their choices, and they're smart."

This is totally true for me. What I find gorgeous about men differs from the super buff, hairless, six-pack havin' guys you see on Abercrobie & Fitch ads, magazines, tv, whatever. As I mention in my Blogger profile, I fall in love with people's minds, and a great sense of humor, a great kiss, a blazing intellect, or the ability to make me go weak in the knees with just one glance, is a million times more sexy to me than a man who has a six-pack and wears product in his hair.

Ahem. I'm going to take a cold shower now.

Courtesy of the NY Daily News, with inspiration from the HuffPo.

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jurassicpork said...

What steams me up is a funny, smart chick who doesn't wear makeup, has curves, long hair done up in a high and tight semi-ponytail or clasped back with a barrette, liberal attitude...

Dear God, now I have to take a shower. Got room in that stall, mags?