Aug 3, 2005

Behind the Mustache

Oh man. CNN started out on the right foot, calling their segment "John Bolton: Behind the Mustache." Classic.

A title rich with possibility. A title that signals "let the derision begin." A title that begins to draw John Bolton as the caricature of the big, angry walrus that he embodies.

But no. Oh, no.

According to Media Matters, instead of investigative journalism, instead of giving a fair and balanced account of the conflict surrounding John Bolton's appointment to the UN ambassadorship, Andrea Koppel instead served up a nice, touchy-feely, softball account of Bolton and gave no airtime regarding allegations of harassment while at the State Department.

I guess I'm not surprised, really. Corporate media messages always reign supreme in the Iron Chef battle for airtime. [Insert GOP mind-numbingly frat-boy-style "woot woot! of victory" here.]

More of Media Matters' analysis here.

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Adobo said...

Hmm I would expect that "Pravda(vian)" behavior from Fox News. Has Rupert Murdoch purchased CNN stock recently??