Aug 30, 2005

If it's Japanese anything, I'll eat it.

I'm not a big fan of the P.F. Chang chain of restaurants. It's basically overpriced Chinese food that I could get for $5.00 a pint at a smaller, local place. But I could certainly get down with this:

The company's chief executive officer, Rick Federico, said Taneko will fill a niche for authentic Japanese cuisine that isn't sushi or prepared teppanyaki-style. Much of the food at Taneko will be prepared on grills and in ovens fired by a special hard-oak charcoal. Federico said the technique will help Taneko become a category-defining restaurant.Look for dishes such as salt-grilled chicken, saki-braised pork ribs and Kobe steak. The menu also will include sushi.The average check per guest at Taneko is expected to be $30. That's higher than P.F. Chang's average of $18 to $19 and Pei Wei's average of $8 to $9.

So I'm assuming they're going to test this "concept" restaurant in the Scottsdale, AZ area first. If anyone knows of a similar place in San Francisco or the rest of the Bay Area, help a sista out and leave it in the comments. Your girl loves her some grilled meat.

Am I outraged at the whole bastardization of Asian cuisine by huge restaurant corporations? Annoyed, yes, but mostly ambivalent. When it comes to Asian cuisine, if it's good, I don't care who makes it. But I will say - I have yet to find a place that makes Filipino food as good as the way my dad makes it.

Quite possibly a niche that will never be filled.


e. said...

Sorry chickie, but I'm not the one to be advising where to find flaming flesh... that is, of the animal variety! muwahaah!

JoyM said...

I think what's worse than chain restaurants is when people try to make Filipino food really expensive. Even worse is when it doesn't even taste good. Check out this menu:
I'm sorry, but adobo should not cost $18.

Adobo said...

When I go to Japan, I go to the subway and find a noodle shopt of my choosing. Usually a hole in the wall. Cheap, yummee and truly Japanese. I would eat in a dive anytime before a fancy shamancy eatery with a high priced menu.

Sorry to tell you Mags, but a place where the food is better than tatay's and nanay's?? Such a place doesn't exsist. And if by some luck you discover one, to say that its food is better than the parentals would be a horrific travesty!