Aug 17, 2005

I'll have a garden salad with a spray bottle of dressing on the side, thanks.

So WishBone salad dressings is going to come out with spray-on salad dressing.

I'm not exactly sure what the price point will be, but I'm sure it will be at a premium, since people tend to charge more (and consumers agree to pay more) for convenience.

If you're counting calories like me, then this could possibly be a good thing, if they keep everything vinagrett-ty. Spray-on Ranch? Yikes.

And don't think Unilever (Wish Bone's parent company) is looking out for us and our ever-expanding waistlines. Rather, spray-on salad dressing is just another way for them to rake in the dough.

Unilever sees a chance to sell consumers as much as 1/3 less salad dressing for the same price. “The food industry is all about selling us less for more and coming up with innovative ways of making us think it’s worth it,” [Portfolio Manager] Mr. Patsky said.
Aaah, the joys of marketing.


Garycheese said...

Jane you ignorant slut! there you go again bashing marketers when you said it yourself: "consumers agree to pay more for convenience" Consumers always vote with their wallets.

Mags said...

Hey now, don't be calling me "ignorant."