Nov 13, 2005

Please, no more

Oh please, no. For the love of Jah, let's not even entertain the thought:

BERLIN (Reuters) - Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, the brother of U.S. President George W. Bush, ruled out running for president in 2008 but left open the possibility of a subsequent bid in an interview with a German magazine published on Sunday.

Jeb Bush, who is scheduled to visit Germany this week, told Focus weekly he had not thought much about running for the office held by his father and older brother except to rule out the next election at the end of George W. Bush's second term.

"You should never say never. But for the 2008 election, my answer is definitely no," he said, in comments translated into German by the magazine.
A crazy coincidence, this article above. I was just out having some tea with friends this evening, chatting out the benefits of Brazilian waxing vs. shaving, and then I come home, read a few articles online and come across this. And the only thing running through my mind in both instances was "no more bush."

No more Bush, indeed. This country's had enough of you guys.

(Photo credit: Marc Serota/Reuters)


Marie Antoinette said...

I can't believe that we are actually having to contemplate a president named "Jeb." And then trying to figure out if that would be any worse than the president we have right now.

Brother Kenya said...

Brilliant juxtaposition, Mags -- Brazilian waxing and Jeb's "nein." You made me spit coffee!