Nov 22, 2005

Who knew?

Apparently, Elvis was a big coffee drinker. And now, Elvis Enterprises has put out - in cooperation with Ugly Mug Coffee - some holiday offerings for The King's adoring fan base and lovers o' the kitsch:

Elvis Presley Enterprises has green-lighted four limited-edition holiday coffees. They're Santa Baby, Blue Christmas, Love Me Tender and Silent Night -- which is the decaf version.

And here's a bit of information to store under "who knew?" An official with Elvis Presley Enterprises says Presley was a big coffee drinker and would have been thrilled with the deal.
Nothing like a cup o' The King's blend with breakfast. Thankyaverymuch.

1 comment:

alan said...

They'll merchandise anything to make a buck off the Elvis estate, eh? I had no idea he was a coffee drinker though. That's one more reason to like the guy.