Nov 9, 2005

For Amanda

I know my friend Amanda will appreciate this.

In New Jersey, the election ended quickly for Mr. Forrester, who called Mr. Corzine shortly after 10 p.m. to concede. About 45 minutes later, an exuberant Mr. Corzine appeared before cheering supporters in East Brunswick, the Bon Jovi song, "In These Arms," blaring in the background. Mr. Corzine told voters, "Hold me accountable."
Emphasis mine.

You gotta love The Jerz.

(Photo credit: Tim Larsen/AP)


MikeJ said...

Debbie Harry is also from Jersey...but I guess "Rapture" doesn't make such a nice campaign song.

Though I thought we were having THE rapture last night, what with all those Democrats winning...about damn time!

e. said...

yo baybee, as a born and bred Joisey girl I gotta' nod my teased bangs in agreement! (Okay, i sooo lied about the bangs ... I'm a failure at big hair ... that's why they forced me to move to NY!)