Nov 25, 2005

Oh Jah, the irony

Remember that kid, David Ludwig, who killed his girlfriend's parents earlier this month and then ran off with her? Well it turns out that David was a fan of the Christian Rock:
"Pillar and Audio A [two Christian Rock bands David and Kara went to see] rock my face off!" David wrote on his blog the next day. Kara spent almost all the money in her pocket on a Pillar sweatshirt. She was wearing it the morning of Nov. 13 when, police say, David shot and killed her parents and fled with her at his side.
A $720 million industry, Christian music is huge. There's a Christian counterpart to every "mainstream" genre. Supposedly, this music is supposed to be an alternative to the depravity and Godlessness of rock and roll, hip hop, rap, dance pop. All the rhythm, none of the evil. A great way for kids to get their groove on while continuing to worship.

And yet, here we are.

Every time someone tries to blame some form of media for influencing antisocial behavior, I have to laugh. This sad story of David and Kara can't be explained away by the kind of music they listen to, just as you can't blame Marilyn Manson [or violent video games] for influencing the Columbine shooters. If you do that, you'd have to apply that same logic to suicide bombers in the Middle East.

If only Life was that simple.

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