Nov 16, 2005

Fasten your bible belts

What's going on with these tornados lately? We're way past tornado season.

Nov 16, 2005 - (PARIS, TN 11/16/05 AP) _ Extensive damage and at least one death are reported from severe thunderstorms in the nation's midsection.

Storms late Tuesday spun off tornados that destroyed or damaged buildings in Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky and Tennessee.

Emergency workers in Kentucky report one death and nearly two-dozen people hurt.

Things are looking pretty bleak for the midwest. My heart goes out to all the folks who lost their homes and businesses, and I hope they are able to regain a sense of normalcy soon.

But I have to ask: With all of the bullshit being spewed by the likes of Bill O'Reilly and Pat Robertson about the depravity of San Francisco and their opinon about so-called immoral individuals getting what they deserve, how do they rationalize an act of God inflicted against some of the most religious and conservative communities in this country??

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mrgumby2u said...

Hello? How about Satan?