Nov 10, 2005

Bring it on

According to this CNN article, the White House is poised to launch a "campaign-style" attack against Democrats in response to allegations that the White House manipulated intelligence to justify the Iraq war.

Telegraphing the beginning of a communications effort is a tactic the Bush team has used in the past, especially when it comes to Iraq.
White House officials are determined to reverse President Bush's poor poll showings on the topics of Iraq and "honesty and trustworthiness."
Looks like the GOP is planning to get all types of ghetto up in here, up in here. Cue the dirty tricks, discrediting of critics, and getting the truth all twisted up, all the while ignoring the fact that people are onto you, Dubya. You and your entire cabal of degenerates.

Bring it on.

P.S. The Rude Pundit's take on this is worth a read.

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