Nov 3, 2005

Why I am loving Harry Reid right now

Yesterday, Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi sent this letter to Dubya saying:

With three years remaining in your term, we believe it is imperative that you move quickly to remove the cloud that hangs over your presidency. There are several actions we hope you will take today to allow us to return to the people's business. We strongly believe that you should apologize to the American people for the actions of senior members of your Administration.
No "stunts" here. Looks like he and Pelosi are making a genuine attempt to work together to remind Dubya where his priorities should be. This country is going to Hell in a handbasket, and finally the Democrats are doing what they can to put the brakes on this. There is nothing wrong with demanding accountability. There is nothing wrong with wanting to find the truth behind the lies. And it's nice to see the Democrats trying to get to the bottom of this. I hope this is the start of something big...

Speaking of the start of big things for the Democratic party, while reading through my blog feeds, I saw this one comment somewhere (and I'm sorry I can't remember now where I read it) that asked, "Where is Howard Dean?"

Seriously. Where is he? What is he up to?


Tom Harper said...

That was great, Reid's closed session of the Senate. It had to be done. Maybe this means the Democrats have found their gonads. One can hope anyway.

Gothamimage said...

Gonads? No, not yet - they are riding pilion on Fitzgerald's Indictmentcycle. So instead of Gonads, salute the Irishman Fitz:
Erin Go Nad!