Jul 25, 2005

Feel the burn

So. I've been thinking of getting a Brazilian bikini wax for eons.

For those of you who don't know what that is, it's basically the removal of all pubic hair using hot wax and all that.

Did I share too much? Moving a little too fast in our relationship? I'm sorry, boo.

Anyway. I came across this video of an actual Brazilian waxing. Yes, I'll share. If you're reading this at work, you may want to watch it later.

Yes, there's nudity. No, it's not hot.

Unless you're into that. Courtesy of Coolios Weblog.

After seeing that video, I'm still not sure whether or not I want to get it done. All the ladies if you feel me, help me sing it out. Ever got one done? What did you think of it? Would you get it again? Did you do it at the request of a significant other? What did he/she think of it?


e. said...

girl, i've been dying to try one of those, but i'm waaaaay too scared.

you go first and tell me how bad it is!

Roge said...

you say that's not hot? that chick has a rockin body.

Angie said...

You know my answer bout getting that done. No freaking way!

Mags said...

Erica: You need to fly out here so we can get it done together. I'm not doing this shit alone!

Roge: I guess. But I think she's too skinny. She needs to eat a sandwich.

Ang: I already know!

j fyrste said...

er, good luck with that. really, i got nothing to add. good luck with that.

ducklet said...

yikes. that was brutal. i thought they were interrogating her.

e. said...

e: "Hi, airline agent? Yes, I'd like to purchase a ticket to San Francisco."

a: "Oh, that's wonderful! I love San Francisco! It's so beautiful, and the food is so good, and I just looove those cute little trolley cars!"

e: "Ah, great. What's the cheapest?"

a: "I'm still checking. So, what are you going out there for? A vacation? To visit family? A honeymooooon?!?!!?!?"

e: "Ah, no. My friend Mags and I are gonna' strip naked from the waist down and hold hands while some Russian woman yanks all the hair from our balloon-knots to our belly buttons off with hot wax."


Pro Waxer said...

Firstly, it's strip wax, not hot wax - a big no no.

Second, she's not getting her client to support her skin - big no no.

Third, you NEVER EVER get your client to get on their knees.

This video is made for porn, not education.

emma said...

Pro waxer- I agree!! I've been trying to find education videos online for Brazillian waxing...this was not helpful! We use hot wax for SENSITIVE areas...and this girl must have been a bit afraid of her bits being waxed off- no support. Pretty bad!

Anonymous said...

That wasn't a Brazilian wax, because the lady did leave a "landing strip" and also she didn't remove hair from the perianal area.