Nov 8, 2005

Election Watch

Proposition 73, which would require doctors to notify a minor's parents 48 hours before performing an abortion on the patient, was my big issue - my "hot button," if you will - in this special election.

So as of 8:46 p.m., with 12.1% of precincts reporting, Prop 73 is PASSING.

I'm sick to my stomach. The fact that polls closed not even one hour ago gives me some iota of comfort. But still. This shit should have been a slam dunk.

Don't even get me started on Texas.

UPDATE 11/9: Okay, phew. I was about to go off on California for a minute there. Kudos to Virginia and The Jerz for electing democratic governors.

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God of Biscuits said...

It sucks. I'm sick to my stomach.