Nov 3, 2005


It's a sad day for Cattle Breeder Eric Fleming, whose 70-pound semen tank was broken into last Sunday.

In what could be considered the Quote of the Month, Fleming said:

"I will give a nice fat reward for any information on semen that was stolen from my tank today," Fleming wrote in a message posted on the Breeders' World Web forum this week. "It was a mother load of semen that I consigned to Denver sale."
Emphasis mine. Heh.

Let's take this as a learning opportunity. Did you know:

  • Bulls are finicky about breeding
  • Sperm collecting from bulls is a very difficult process
  • Bull sperm keeps well in the deep freeze, often outliving its donor
  • Female cows/sperm recipients are called "dams." (How rude!)

Do the right thing: If you, dear reader, come across some suspect bull sperm, please alert the Frederick County Sheriff's Office, stat.

1 comment:

Gothamimage said...

Maybe the should call a Special Cattle Prosecutor. The Prosecutor will theninterview any cows that they think the Bull was involved with romantically, when the Bull was in a leadership position. One of the cows may have saved a dress. Then the Special Cattle Prosecutor can run a DNA match, so when the next time someone is pulled over, a suspected rustler, and he or she has more Bull material in his car than is de riguer, a match can be tested.