Nov 7, 2005


So I'm checking email, right? And I find this email from Elizabeth Dole. [I know, I thought "WTF" too.] Basically, this email is from GOP from the National Republican Senatorial Committee, urging me to help the GOP get Scalito nominated, likening the impending partisan battle (or not, if your name is Joe Biden) to "Armageddon."

Um, ok. I have no freakin' clue as to how I got on this mailing list.

So anyway, the email also asks me to take this poll, right?

1. What is your overall opinion of Judge Samuel Alito? (Favorable/Unfavorable/No Opinion)
2. Do you feel Judge Samuel Alito is qualified to serve on the Supreme Court of the United States? (Yes/No/Unsure)
3. Should Judge Alito receive a fair up or down vote before the U.S. Senate? (Yes/No/Unsure)
4. If Democrats filibuster, what is the best option for Republicans?
  • Withdraw Judge Alito and submit a new CONSERVATIVE nominee.
  • Withdraw Judge Alito and submit a new MODERATE nominee.
  • Exercise the Constitutional Option which would allow a simple 51-majority to confirm Judge Alito
5. Will you help the NRSC with this nomination battle? (Yes/No/Unsure)

I'm sure you can tell how I answered. Wanna take the poll too? Here's the link.

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