May 1, 2006

Want fries with that?

Another year, another finger:
BLOOMINGTON, Indiana (AP) -- A diner found a piece of human flesh on his hamburger shortly after a restaurant worker accidentally cut his finger, and a spokeswoman said the company was "very, very sorry."

A kitchen manager at the TGI Friday's at College Mall injured himself Tuesday and no one immediately realized he had lost part of his finger while others rushed to help him, said Amy Freshwater, a spokeswoman for the chain.
Nasty. An accident, yes. But still. Nasty.

And one more thing (9:58 p.m.): So the diner found the human flesh "on" his hamburger. Does this mean the human flesh was cooked WITH the burger? Or was it fresh human flesh (say that three times fast) sprinkled on top of the already cooked burger? And if it was cooked human flesh, how did he know it was human flesh without having previous knowledge of what cooked human flesh - albeit a piece - looks like? Was the burger served open face, or between two buns? I need details, people.

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