May 8, 2006

Downward spiral, or comeback kid?

You all know that Dubya's approval rating hit a new low today. The Carpetbagger agrees with the notion that this presidency is over - at least historically speaking.

Now, The Carpetbagger Report is one of my Top Five favorite blogs, but I have to say, I'm skeptical, and I am just waiting for something to happen that's going to send his approval rating back up to at least the high 40's.

With all of the blatant corruption and secrecy and sheer incomptency lurking behind every corner of this administration, and these people, these remaining 31% who STILL can't see --- or simply refuse to see --- that this man and his people cannot govern? The Bush Administration is a failure, in every sense. Even I --- as someone relatively new to politics --- can see that.

And don't even get me started on Congress, and why they haven't impeached --- I'll even accept censure, jeez --- this man yet. I mean seriously. How low does the approval rating have to go?


Laurie said...

There's a picture of this woman holding a sign that says, "Will somebody please give Bush a blow job so we can impeach him?"

All it took during the Clinton administration was a little sleaze in the Oral--I mean Oval--Office. I guess in the grand scheme of things, criminal enterprise is acceptable as long as Patrick Fitzgerald doesn't burst in on Bush with his pants down and Condi Rice on her knees.

Polt said...

Bushie could bite the head off a baby on live TV in the Oval and never get any kind of sanction from this Congress.

Once the Dems get control in November (oh dear GOD Pleeeeese!) THEN we'll have hearings on Plamegate, gas price gouging, illegal wiretaps, torture prisons, etc. Everything we SHOULD be having hearing on now.

HOwever, that won't be enough. At the same time,the Dems HAVE to be proposing and passing legislation that helps the average American, like obliterating those obscene tax cuts for rich people, holding the oil companies accountable, getting a REAL prescription drug plan in action, raising the minimum wage,etc,etc, etc.

It's not going to be enough for them to skewer Bushie and his ilk, fun though that may be to watch, but they'll have to govern,and show bushie,and the AMerican public, how that can be done.