May 12, 2006

Axis of Feeble

I've always felt a little intimidated by The Economist, thinking it was a bit esoteric. But I could totally get behind a cover like this one:

If Blair leaves his office next year or so, what will happen to Bush? Where will he be then without his homie?
What is required when Mr Bush's term ends is a president no less committed to the exercise of American power when it is necessary, and no less willing to rise to external threats. Perhaps that will be a John McCain or a Hillary Clinton. But in the meantime, the world won't wait. However weak he is at home, Mr Bush still has duties abroad. He must ensure that America is not bundled out of Iraq before its elected government has a chance to stand on its own feet. He must hold the line against a nuclear Iran. He needs to push harder for an independent Palestine, continue the fight against al-Qaeda, resist Russia's bullying of its neighbours and help America come to terms with a rising China. If he is wise, he will work harder than before to enlist allies for these aims, even if America must sometimes still act alone. But it will be harder and lonelier without a confident Tony Blair at his side.
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seamus said...

The Economist is my favorite magazine. They endorsed (with heavy hearts) Kerry in '04. The editorial is typically very sensible, fair, and obviously very globally-focused.

Polt said...

"If he is wise"????

If he was wise, we wouldn't be in the situations we're in, and if he was wise, he'd already know what needed to be done, and not need a magazine to tell him.

If he was wise....I wish!