May 15, 2006

I don't understand these people.

Glenn Greenwald discusses the fact that some right wingers are starting to favor the idea of impeaching Bush.

But before you get excited, realize that they want to impeach him, not for being lied to with regards to the war in Iraq, but because they don't think he's doing enough to solve the illegal immigration issue. Like, by building a wall along the border.

I guess hatred for brown people trying to make a dollar out of 15 cents is a way more hideous and egregious offense than, you know, invading a country, having your sons and daughters, mothers and fathers killed. Over a lie.

Makes perfect sense.

C'mon. There are better ways to address the illegal immigration problem.

May I just take this opportunity to remind everyone that Clinton got impeached for lying about a blow job? Thank you.


Jeremy said...

How sad is that? The Republicans are pissed because Bush isn't being conservative enough? Are you kidding?

That's like saying, "I really don't like David Duke..he is really starting to get soft of affirmative action."

I still think your blog has the best name of them ALL! That line doesn't get enough credit..its one of my favorite Bush quotes ever, for on so many levels it makes me laugh.

Laurie said...

Hey, Mags, I never knew the significance behind your blog name--can you explain for moi?

Mags said...

Hey Laurie!

First off, let me say a quick thank you for stopping by El Bloggo. I really enjoy your comments - and your blog too!

"You forgot Poland!" refers back to the first presidential debate between Dub and Kerry. Kerry was talking about Bush's "grand" coalition of forces going into Iraq, and he was naming off all these countries. I guess he forgot to list Poland, because Bush, in this stupid, huffy tone, came back with, "he forgot Poland!"

It just sort of stuck with me because Bush's retort was just so weak. I think he even pointed a finger at Kerry as he said it, but I'm not sure. Anyway, it was hilarious. I think I actually laughed out loud at that point.

When I had to name my blog, this was the first thing that popped into my head (and I didn't even think I'd be writing about politics at all on this thing).

People seem to like it, so I'll keep it around, although I'm always stuck at the bottom of people's blogrolls, haha.

I think Wikipedia also has "You Forgot Poland" as an entry, and it explains the context of this phrase better than I can. It also has a link to the transcript of that debate. Too bad no video though, as you really have to see Bush's face as he says it to really enjoy the humor.