May 27, 2006

Fighting the war on war .. one yuppie at a time.

Mags' Marines stormed through E-ville and Piedmont this weekend, fighting the good fight and supporting the cause. Here's a few snapshots from their tour of duty:

Activism begins at home.

Fortified with a cup o' joe and a sesame seed bagel, and emboldened by the news that bloggers share the same sheild laws traditional journalists enjoy, Mags' Marines were ready for battle.

First stop: Piedmont Grocery

Tiny tanks need parking spaces too:

"Hello? Bush lied."

Keeping watch at the Amtrak station in E-ville:

What's really in that tank?

Mags' Marines also stopped to pay homage to another fallen soldier, and to honor those fighting a different kind of war ...

(Cross-posted at the Kommandos Project.)


Kvatch said...

Just wanted to reiterate what I said at Kommandos Project. Thanks for participating and hitting the East Bay. It was a magnificent weekend.

Frida said...

What a great idea! I love the Kommandos Project. More! More! Now I must go pant under the table.