May 5, 2006

Porter Goss resigns

Should I even be excited about this?

According to CNN:
Former CIA Director Stansfield Turner told CNN that Goss may have resigned because he was passed over for the new position of director of national intelligence, which went to John Negroponte.

Former Rep. Bob Barr agreed with Turner's speculation and added, "I think there's going to be more coming out, we don't know the whole story."

"This is a devastating blow, the importance of which really cannot be overestimated," Barr told CNN. "It indicates again a continuing downward slide in the intelligence capabilities of our government, it indicates again the disorganization on the part of our intellingence agencies at a time when we can ill afford to see that happen."

Eh. I still won't be happy until Bush and Cheney are out. Until then, whatevs.

(Photo credit: AP)

UPDATE, 12:06 p.m.: So I'm doing a bit more surfing and it looks like Goss may be all up in the hizzoes! Juicy!

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Kvatch said...

Well...if not surprised, how about horrified that General Michael Hayden is the likely replacement.