May 9, 2006

It's a Communist World, After All

If you're looking for a place to take the kids this summer, check this out:
Grutas Park, a quirky theme park dotted with relics of Lithuania's communist past, has become a major tourist attraction in this former Soviet republic.

Now celebrating its fifth anniversary, the park popularly known as "Stalin's World," every year welcomes hundreds of thousands of visitors who wander along three kilometers (two miles) of wooden walkways resembling those in Siberian prison camps to get from one exhibition to the next.

Statues of Vladimir Lenin, Josef Stalin and other Soviet leaders glower at visitors, and the barbed wire fences and guard towers surrounding the park help give it the feel of a Soviet gulag.
I wonder if there's a parade and a fireworks show at night?

(Props to Cecilia for the link.)

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Kvatch said...

That's awesome! I studied 4 semesters of Soviet H\history and politics and developed a sort of quirky thing for relics of he Soviet era.