Feb 23, 2006

Project Runway After Party

UPDATE: Here's a video link to the Daniel Franco song. It's here until YouTube shuts it down. Enjoy. I've already watched it like, a million times. (Courtesy of Blogging Project Runway.)

Episode 12: The Reunion Show
Aaah. Everyone is back for one night to dish about behind-the-scenes stuff. I never realized how much I missed everyone until watching the reunion show.

All 16 of the designers show up one by one at the Parsons New School, looking ALL hot. John discovered Atkins, Kirsten is seven months prego, and Kara is engaged! They all hang out backstage getting all liquored up. Looser tongues make for better TV, my pretties.

On the set, everyone’s sitting around with Heidi Klum and Tim Gunn talking about how their lives have changed because of the show, like how everyone's been working like crazy on all these cool and amazing projects, and Guadalupe is busting out with this ironic clap, like she’s happy but giving you the stink eye at the same time. Rowr! Hmm. Guadalupe must not ... be working on anything ... interesting. (Uncomfortable silence.)

Tim asks Chloe about the time the last three designers stabbed her in the back. To add insult to injury, they replayed the clips from last week, including the one where Santino called her basically a patternmaker. Chloe's crying. Daniel Franco, Jah bless him, calls Santino out, asking him why he always has to be mean. And Chloe tells Santino that he basically offended everyone along the way.

Santino says that what he says doesn’t matter. (Interesting choice of words there.) That it doesn’t come from an evil place.

Cue Santino montage!

Santino says that he regrets that his words hurt the other designers’ feelings. But I'm sure he doesn’t regret the fact that his outrageous personality was the only thing that kept him on that show, because homeboy ended up at Olympus Fashion Week anyway, yo!

Oh my god. Guadalupe is tanked. I can’t even transcribe her response to the question that asked whether she thought her Nicky Hilton loss was justified.

Oh yay. They replayed Andrae’s breakdown. With an “elapsed time” stamp! Hahaha! Nine minutes, 53 seconds! And by the way, the Andrae montage was hilarious! Kara and Chloe immitating Andrae while doing their morning primping? Hysterical!

Zulema’s montage introduces us to her alter ego, Shatangi. Understatement of the evening:

“I don’t think I’m that intense.”

Right, Zu.

And as if there isn’t enough tension in the room right now, they bring up Zulema’s now-infamous walk off battle, and bring out Tarah and Rachel, the models. There is much eye rolling from Rachel, Miss "If you're gonna do all that, at least come out with a bangin' dress!" Oh no she didn't! All that was missing was the neck snap.

Looking back, all those models walked the same. Zulema thought that she was doing Rachel a favor by helping her “evolve” with her walk. Whatever! As if walking’s like, hard or something.

Cue more shit-talking montages.

The musical montage was the best! It was a “Lighten up, it’s just fashion” and “Daniel Franco, where did you go?” medley.

What was up with Daniel Franco telling Heidi Klum that he loved her? And what was up with the awkward silence that followed? Yikes. Daniel Franco may have a good heart, but that was creepy, like how when one of your hardcore stalkers says "I love you" to your face and all you want to do is take a hot shower and scrub yourself with a Brillo pad. At least, that's what I hear it's like.

Bravo loves them some drama!

The final runway show airs on March 8, kittens. And the preview shows Chloe crying. Again. Why does Bravo have to make lil’ Chlo cry every episode?


Carment (the one from SEATTLE, BABY!) said...

My friend and I were having a Guadalupe "Drunk or crazy" discussion. We agreed on stoned.

And we both think that the next time we see Daniel Franco on PR will be surrounded by security guards as he tries to give Heidi his ear.

Mags said...

You have a point there. If Lupe was drunk, she wouldn't be able to stay on her chair, and her speech would have been all slurred. She had to have definitely been on some chemicals.

This sucks, because I totally loved Lupe. And she totally made a fool out of herself. Boo.

P.S. Imagine Franco giving you "the eye."

Eww. Eww.

Mags said...


Carmen (no t, please.. I'm in the mood for a latte) said...

(and, I would like to point out that I misspelled my own name. I am an idiot. :)