Feb 7, 2006

How to support the wiretapping

Frida, the gorgeous and seemingly well travelled pooch belonging to my dear friend at Jones of the Nile, has an idea about how to show your support for the Bush Administration's wiretap---er, infringement on civil lib --- er, domestic surveillance pro---er, whatever the hell it's called.
[The president] should print up a boatload of those little ribbon magnets to put on our SUVs that say “Support the Wiretapping!” That ought to work. People eat that up! (And as a bonus, since we’re headed that way, he could implant a chip in them which could monitor our every trip to the store. Bonus!)
I think Frida's onto something here. I better hop on this before anyone else does. Even Frida. I mean, she's a dog. They don't give copyright licenses to dogs, do they? Hmm. I'll have every right-winger shelling out the dough faster than you can say "executive privilege."

Because, you know, supporting the wiretapping supports the troops, which supports the Republicans, who support 9/11--er, or something. Why do you hate America so much?

I bet Santorum would just kill to get on this bandwagon.

1 comment:

Frida said...

Hey Mags!
Thanks for the shout out. Which reminds me, do you ever get the urge to walk through a parking lot and collect ALL the magnetic ribbons off cars until you get about a hundred of 'em and then just consolidate them and cover ONE car completely? Maybe pick the car that has the "You Can't be Catholic and Pro-Abotion" bumper sticker and plaster it with ribbons. That way, people will know they REALLY support the troops. But I'm a dog, what do I know!?