Feb 27, 2006

Because I care

Attention all my favorite NYC bloggers with dogs: Taking the pooch out for its daily walk can be deadly.
During the snowy months of late winter, when salt mixes with slush, electric current escaping through uninsulated wires can be conducted up to the street through manholes, streetlights, service boxes, grates or cracks in the sidewalk.

New Yorkers became painfully aware of the phenomenon two winters ago, when a 30-year-old woman named Jodie Lane was electrocuted while walking her dogs in the East Village. Lane's death opened people's eyes to the risks posed by the wires that weave in and out of the city.
New Yorkers were reminded of the phenomenon last week, when a chow-collie mix named Barkis was electrocuted near Prospect Park in Brooklyn.

The dog's owner, a music producer named Danny Kapilian, was walking Barkis when the dog "started yelping and jumping" and lunged into the street. Assuming the dog was reacting to rock salt on the street, Kapilian bent down to wipe his paws. For a moment, Barkis seemed calm. Then he went into a fury — eyes flaring, teeth gnashing, so violently that Kapilian was afraid his sweet-natured dog would attack him.

Barkis then fell, flopping on to the sidewalk, and went into convulsions. Kapilian sat beside his dog for 40 minutes, a crowd gathering around him, while he waited for help. When two animal technicians reached down to try to move Barkis, they too were shocked.
This store, Trixie & Peanut, sells black-rubber soled boots for your dogs to protect them from this sort of thing.

Now, normally I’d say my usual “that’s just for people who have too much money to spend” line, but geez. What’s up with ConEd?

In an attempt to get past the lack of information out there, people are taking it upon themselves to inform other doggie owners. Some post warnings around the neighborhood. There's also a blog called Shock and Paw (nice title, guys!) that posts information on “hot spots” around town. I tried to find the link, but couldn't. If anyone comes across it, let me know, and I'll include it in this post.

Be careful out there, folks.

(Courtesy of Fark.)

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