Feb 16, 2006

Project Runway After Party

Episode 11: "What's Your Line?"
Here we are at the Final Four, and Heidi Klum asks of Chloe a pivotal question during runway judging:

If you think you deserve to be at Olympus Fashion Week, who doesn't?

Chloe outs Santino, and he responds in kind, saying that being a good patternmaker doesn't necessarily make one a good designer. Ouch. Okay, the snark from Santino was expected. What I didn't expect, however, was for Daniel and Kara to say that they didn't think she should be at Fashion Week either.

Wow. Backstabber alert!

Honestly. This "Final Four" show was, as the judges put it, underwhelming. Their task, to design an evening gown for Iman to wear at some red-carpet event (which was actually the Elle-sponsored Project Runway premiere party), brought out - with the exception of Santino, natch! - the safe and boring in each designer. Daniel V., Kara, and Chloe all choose a silk charmeuse (yawn!), while Santino chooses a gold stretch satin and this gold fabric with giant sequins.

[UPDATE: Actually, the task was to design a garment that would give the judges a glimpse of their collection, should they show at Olympus Fashion Week. It then turned out that the garment the winning designer made in this episode would be worn by Iman at the Project Runway premiere party sponsored by Elle. Thanks to WestCoastMaven for keeping me in check!]

I have to admit, Santino's final gown was the riskiest, and while it was over the top - typical of Santino's designs - it still left us with no doubt about what his point of view is. And even though it wasn't the most beautiful dress I've ever seen, it certainly wasn't boring. Everyone else's dresses were just ... blah. Construction problems, fabric puckering, uneven hems ran rampant in all of the Golden Children's (Daniel, Kara, Chloe) three dresses.

And after all of Daniel's, Chloe's, and Kara's bitching all episode about how fucked up it was that Nick got booted off and not Santino, I still can't get over how they sold Chloe out on the runway. So what if she already has a fashion business in Houston? That was just shady!

Daniel V. wins this challenge. (Shocker.) Chloe doesn't lose, and she will be going to Fashion Week after all. Phew. Kara and Daniel must feel like shit.

Kara gets the official Auf to end all Aufs, but as we already know, all four of them show at Fashion Week anyway.

Next week: The Reunion Show! And in the preview, we hear Tim saying, "I think this is the biggest bunch of bullshit I've heard all week." Delish!


Kelicious said...

I thought it was the most boring episode of the whole season! Boring dresses, boring interaction. Even the drama over Chole being "hurt" was borning. Girl doesn't even have the passion for it. And I love Daniel V..very much so, but that dress was very JC Penny in my account. I mean come on, you're designing for Iman!!

westcoastmaven said...

But they weren't designing for Iman. The challenge was to design an evening gown that would foreshadow their collection for FW. It was only after they had purchased their fabric that they were told Iman would wear the winning gown to the faux-red carpet event.

In fact during one of Tim's visits to the work room he told them that their design should NOT be influenced by Iman.