Feb 9, 2006

Project Runway After Party

Episode #10: Makeover
Five designers left, and as you remember from the last episode, Daniel V. has immunity for this episode.

Tonight, our remaining designers get to make over each other.

Thank Jah. Maybe someone will cut that side bun off of Kara's head finally.

Everyone's bummed out that Andrae got bumped off, but Santino thinks he's got the edge because he's got two wins down his belt.

Um, OK, Santino. Wins don't matter.

Andrae's model, Danyelle, also gets The Auf by Daniel V. which isn't really a shocker, since he and his model are a tight team. We find out Danyelle is just as much of a crybaby as Andrae is.

Anyway, back to the challenge at hand. They have a budget of $200. Who gets to make over whom? Santino gets Kara. Kara gets Santino. Nick gets Daniel V. Chloe gets Nick. Daniel gets Chloe.

The makeover-ees discuss their ideas about what they want to look like, with the makeover-ers sketching out the design. Did anyone else catch the fact that Santino's sketch of Kara was complete with camel toe? Nice touch, Santino.

Chloe and Kara, the only two girls left, are at a disadvantage. All the garments made on the show have been for women. Now all of a sudden, they have to make clothes for men. But then again, how different can it be? Aside from the fact that men don't like loose shirts if they're going to wear vests over them.

Who knew? I didn't. But then again, I detest The Vest.

Warning: This episode is full of hateration! There's drama in the workroom, and it's so thick you could cut it with one of Andrae's cheekbones. They're playing a questions game of "Would You Rather?" and Santino is talking over everyone, not letting anyone else answer the questions. And everyone else is like, "Bitch, shut up." But he doesn't.

Santino knows that he's special. He "wants to go down in history." And in some way, because of this show, he will. But I don't think he wants to be known as an obnoxious, Rasputin lookalike, who does a fantastic Tim Gunn impression.

Santino: "Are these space pants?"
Kara: "Space pants?"
Santino: "Coz' my ass is out of this world."

Santino tells Kara to bust her butt to get his outfit done. Then he busts out with, "you can't polish a turd." Back at the Atlas, Daniel V. and Nick try and get Santino to slow his roll. But I don't think Santino is trying to hear it.

The next day, Collier Strong, some guy from L'Oreal, works with each designer for their makeovers. He tells Santino that he has great skin and awesome eyes, and Santino thinks that he's going to look better than Brad Pitt. Just because Collier mentioned that hey, sometimes Brad Pitt grows a beard. I don't think he was calling you Brad Pitt, Santino. But, hey. Work it.

On Day 2, Santino busts another turd comment, which pisses off Nick and makes him leave the room. He's giving Santino the silent treatment, even if Santino yells, "truce." Snap! Don't piss off the queens, yo. Nick's cold as ice right now!

Kara's starting to have some doubts because she's not putting Santino in a suit. Nick says that the outfit Chloe is making for him makes him look like the senior flight attendant for British Airways. He means this in a nice way, he says. Got that? Flight attendant for Continental Airlines = janky. Flight attendant for British Airways = crazy delicious.

Nick's suit for Daniel is too femmy. Which really, why is this a bad thing? Daniel V. could work the androgynous angle on this one.

Santino is stressing Kara out on the outfit she's making for him. He may as well tell her that she can cry and cut, but she better cry and cut. Jeezus.

I can feel it this time. Santino's getting The Auf tonight.

Day 3. The designers get to walk on the runway today, so they're all in hair and makeup. Collin tells Nick he's "pretty." Is this a love connection?

Santino cuts his hair and shapes his beard into a goatee. Hotness!

Kara's sleeve started to come off, so he starts sewing it on her. He starts pretty much telling her not to move her arm down the runway. Santino's shitting bricks.

If Santino doesn't get The Auf tonight, it'll be a travesty. He spent too much time making sure Kara's outfit was made the way he wanted it, that he wasted the time necessary to work on his own garment. You're getting judged on your garment, not on how good you look in the other person's clothes, hello.

Catwalk time! Santino is totally working it, but he did a much better job walking during the Nicky Hilton challenge. Chloe was working her stuff down the runway this time. So was Kara! Nick looked ... like Nick, dressed up for ... wherever he'd go, wearing a pink shirt. Oh, and Daniel V.? Looking HOT down the runway!

But Michael Kors is totally hating on Nick's suit he made. He said it looked like the "Golden Girls." And he thinks that men's pants with no pockets is apparently the biggest faux pas ever. "Like leggings that Friar Tuck would wear." Ouch.

The four designers backstage are hating on Santino too, making fun of him because one of the sleeves on Kara's jumpsuit came undone. Kara's crying (shocker), and everyone else is clowning. "I made three pieces! Where did the time go?" "How much time did he need?"

I kinda feel sorry for Santino right now. All four designers are on the couch, and Santino's in a chair, with his head in his hands, shitting bricks, counting the minutes toward the inevitable.

Chloe wins this challenge! She deserved it.

Oh. Hell. No. Nick gets The Auf, and Santino moves on to the Final Four.

WHAT????? For an unfinished garment? AN UNFINISHED GARMENT? The freakin' sleeve came off! This is bullshit. Ugh. I want to throw something.

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Anonymous said...

this makes me laugh. ijust watched the episode for about the millionth time and every ending i find myself yelling the same thing at the tv. "IT WAS UNFINISHED!!!" what the hell? anyway...nice to know someone was as annoyed as i. go season 3 :)