Feb 17, 2006

Friday Morning Insomnia Blogging

I saw a link to this article on Ang's blog, talking about how they found 3,000 year-old Muslim graves underneath the Museum of Tolerance.
When workers broke ground on the $200 million Museum of Tolerance on the edge of Independence Park, they unearthed what bulldozers often dig up in a city whose history dates 3,000 years: the bones of the dead.

In this case, the site was on the edge of a historic Muslim cemetery in Jerusalem that Arabs say holds the remains of not just their grandparents, but long-ago associates of the prophet Muhammad.

The resulting uproar has placed the Los Angeles-based Simon Wiesenthal Center's expansive new monument to "human dignity" in the center of a historical imbroglio in the city where three religions intersect.

Lawyers for two Muslim and human rights organizations Wednesday asked Israel's Supreme Court to block the project, which they said displays a disrespect at odds with the planned museum's mission to promote coexistence of ethnicities and religions.
Feel the irony.

Also, I'm a dork. I thought that the "Museum of Tolerance" was just something they made up on South Park.

Yes, I watch South Park sometimes. Deal. That was a funny-ass episode, man.

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