Feb 3, 2006

BAWLS out in Iraq

In college, I was never one to pull all-nighters, so I never really got into the habit of taking things to keep me awake through the night. Not until years later, when I discovered house and techno music. But that's a whole other post.

If you're a fan of Red Bull, Rockstar, Monster, and other energy drinks of this ilk, you may be interested to know that Miami Entrepreneur Hoby Buppert (I don't make up these names, people) plans to market his energy drink - BAWLS - to our troops abroad (emphasis mine, of course).
With some of his devoted customers now serving in the armed forces -- and with all soldiers needing to stay awake through extended periods of boredom -- Buppert has created the BAWLS "military pack."

Could his blue-bottled drink become as ubiquitous today as Lucky Strikes were in World War II?

"There is a huge crossover between our customers and the military," said Buppert, 32. "More and more of our consumers are going overseas, and they miss BAWLS."
I miss bawls too, but the kind I'm thinking of don't come in a can.

Did I share too much?

Way to support the troops: A) Get them hopped up on caffeine and sugar while B) raising your bottom line. Maybe a portion of the proceeds from sales of BAWLS: "Military Pack" should go toward buying them some body armor, perhaps?

It's the American way!

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Kabooke Quantum Fighter said...

I pity these fools. Mr. T should be their drill seargent.
Cuz...contrary to popular belief, fools do not remain fools once pitied by Mr. T. Soon after a pitying, they enroll in reform schools and become honors students. This is because the thought of a second pitying is so soul-crushing that it causes explosive diarrhea if they even think about it.