Feb 23, 2006

Don't worry your pretty little heads

I’m sorry, come again?

We don’t need to worry about national security?

Haven’t you held the issue of national security over our heads the entire time you’ve been in office? Haven’t you used national security (and terrorism) as the basis for every decision you’ve made to effectively dismantle our civil liberties while attempting to render the Constitution irrelevant?

And when I say “basis,” I mean superficially. We all know that the real reasons you make the decisions you do are to continue to keep you and your cronies and supporters happy and fat in the wallet. Even if the home country of those cronies and supporters have supported terrorism. Even if two of the 9/11 hijackers came from this country. Even if most of the money used to fund 9/11 tragedy funneled through the country that will now run our ports.

Oh right, because that’s part of the Master Plan though, isn’t it. You think you’re being smart, building a business partnership with this company. But what you’re really doing is making us their bitch.

If we aren’t already.

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