Feb 22, 2006

"Project Jay" on Bravo tonight!

Tonight’s the first episode of “Project Jay, the spinoff to my favorite reality show (don't act like you don't know) “Project Runway.”

For those of you living in a cave, this show highlights Jay McCarroll, the winner of last season's “Project Runway” and his experiences, misgivings, and rants, surrounding his life as a post-reality fashion designer in New York.

According to this review in the New York Times, we find out that the fashion world ain't pretty.

But first, we see Jay off to make a name for himself in New York via Park Slope. Brooklyn, y’all.

Jay is informed by his publicist tells him that Heidi Klum wants Jay to design an evening gown for her to wear at the Emmys. And although Jay doesn’t really want to do it (evening wear is not his thang), and he wants to tell Heidi to not wear red (even though that’s the color she requested), he makes her a dress anyway.

Fade out, fade in.

At the last minute, Heidi’s “people” tell Jay that they’re going to go with another dress after all.

Ain’t fashion a bitch.

(Photo credit: Craig Blankenhorn/Bravo)


Aethlos said...

not jay carroll, jay MCCARROLL. :)

Mags said...

Shoot. I knew that. Sorry. Bad typo. I just fixed it. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Whatever happened to project Jay? I can't find it anywhere!