Feb 15, 2006

Hell, why wait until 6 p.m.?

MSN just posted an AP article with highlights from the Grim Veeper's interview today. In a nutshell, Cheney feels bad about what happened ("the worst day of my life"), that he doesn't blame Whittington ("it was not Harry's fault"), and yet he still stands by his (stupid) decision ("I had no press person with me") to sit on the story for 24 hours before letting it break.

What is it about this administration staunchly defending its bad decisions?

And, by the way, OH PLEASE:

Through hospital officials, Whittington has declined to comment.

“He still kind of wonders what all the hoopla is about,” Banko said. He said Whittington sees it as “much ado about nothing.”

Don't even. You're in intensive care and you had a heart attack because your "friend" popped a cap in your face. And you'll have the scars for the rest of your life to remember this day by.

That is, if Whittington really said that. Which is questionable.

Also, doctors are calling the heart attack a "silent heart attack."

I'm sorry, but a heart attack is a fucking heart attack.

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The Limerick Savant said...

"Worst day of his life?" What about his buddy, Whittington? The self-centered bastard can't even make a decent apology!