Feb 11, 2006

Olympus Fashion Week in Full Effect

As many of you hardcore Project Runway fans know, we're now down to the Final Four, which means - if we go by last season as precedent - all four designers show their collections at Olympus Fashion Week.

Well, so much for the element of surprise. New York magazine is publishing slideshows of all four designers' shows. I think Fashion Week was last week.

I'm really enjoying Chloe and Santino's stuff. Chloe's is sexier and a departure from her usual halter-dress-with-deep-V. Santino's collection is actually quite wearable. Amazing what you can accomplish when you have more time to work. I'm slightly disappointed with Daniel V.'s. Lots of suits. Yawn. Although the white "pea coat" with the portrait collar is quite stunning from the picture. Kara's collection definitely shows her point of view, and there is one stunning purple/turquoise gown that I totally want for myself.

I'm wondering who will get The Auf next week ...

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She of the Socks said...

Thanks for the compliment on my blog, dollface. I'll add you to my blogroll as well.