May 13, 2005

Yeah, but I still want a Blackberry.

Today's Morford column discusses the recent HP study that says we're lowering our IQs while we use more and more technology that is supposed to make us smarter and more efficient. So much so that we're slaughtering brain cells "like Karl Rove murders joy." According to the study, this IQ level drop-off is even more pronounced than someone smokin' the Ganj.

I can see the point. In mean, we're human beings; we're not cyborgs. Technology does help us maximize our potential to manage data, get in contact with people at any time of day or night, or create works of art. What have you. On the other hand, a saturation point exists in which the returns we get from these supposed benefits of technology diminish over time. According to Morford, we're already there.

So pass the spliff. And have a great weekend.


OldHorsetailSnake said...

Uh, Mags:


Daniel Alexander said...

admit it, what you really want is morford.

Adobo said...

Gadgets and technology are God's gifts. I was reading an article eons ago, and experts say that 10k years from now, man will will resemble the physical attributes of what we imagine some ET's look like. Shorter arms, feet and missing fingers, because we will do less walking, reaching and touching. Tiny skulls because we will do less thinking. Missing genetalia, becuase sex will be automated? Is Homer Simpson sans his massive head, the physical portrait of our future? (His head is bigger since he does require more concentration). So go for it Mags! Get a Blackberry! You can't ignore evolution! hehe.

Adobo said...

Ooops mistyped "Genitalia" and "because" above. You see? Thats is proof! A few thousand neurons just went to heaven, and my head shrunk a millimeter. My mind is going Dave. -Hal

e. said...

mmmmm..... Mark Morford...... i'd gladly smoke a bowl with that compositionally gifted god of a man!

i'm telling you, sister, next time i'm in SF we're testing how good his wit is when he's tied up and nekkid! bwhaahah!