May 3, 2005

Poor baby.

I've always thought that guys will put up with anything as long as the chick they're with is hot. Yeah, yeah, you say - you're one of the few that doesn't think that way - I've heard it all before. My point is, ugly folk get no love. There are examples of it everywhere. Here's one.

This article in the NY Times illustrates shows how our bias toward attractiveness extends to babies. Cute babies vs. not-so-cute babies. Which is an oxymoron to me, because I have yet to come across an ugly baby. And still, even if the baby was not so cute, how could you hate on that little thing?

Dr. Robert Sternberg, professor of psychology at Yale, asserts that it's not a question of ugly vs. pretty, but more a matter of socioeconomic status, saying that wealthier parents can give better care because they have more resources.

But that doesn't explain how rich people who are ugly continue to exist. Whatever. I don't buy it.


Lily said...

Christina Onasis was prime example of ugly rich folk and look where she ended up...

OldHorsetailSnake said...

Wait a minute! Wait a minute! You saying us old folks who are not pretty should discontinue existence?

Uh, okay. Mind if I wait till tomorrow to die? Haven't had dinner yet.

QC said...

Honestly, I'm not buying the results of that "study" at all. For one thing, attractiveness is way too subjective a concept. For another, there were way too many possibly related factors that just weren't taken into account.

All parents think their own kids are beautiful.