May 4, 2005

"Celebrities are human beings too."

Are you watching this? This Dr. Phil/Pat O'Brien Behind The Headlines "special" (read shameless PR piece) is just so painful to watch. I can't even explain how horrible this is. I mean, I know Dr. Phil isn't a journalist. But seriously - what the hell? Isn't Dr. Phil supposed to be in your face? Abrasive? I'm just waiting for Dr. Phil to get on his knees and let the fellating commence.

Pat, stop referring to yourself as your son's "Daddy." First of all, your son's like, a teenager. And after hearing those voicemails of yours, hearing you say "I'm your daddy" takes on a whole new meaning.


Gothamimage said...

Mags- I forgot to tell you -"You forgot Poland" is a great name!

Mags said...

Thank you kindly! You know, I actually had someone from Poland email me asking why I chose the title. Heh heh.