May 24, 2005

Filibuster, schmilibuster.

Okay. This whole filibuster thing was sort of anticlimactic for me. But I guess that's because I didn't really pay too much attention. Quite frankly, I'm feeling a bit disillusioned and despondent and some other d-word that I can't even think of right now when it comes to American politics.

But I did come across this post today on the Rude Pundit's page. Which, in some way, helped me understand the whole thing. Sort of. Is this a bad thing, that I respond well to analogies involving gay sex and manwhores? I didn't think so either.

Either way, I still feel like we're fucked.

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MikeJ said...

How about "Dicked over" for your last d-word on American politics? No, seriously, don't feel good about this filibuster deal. To me, it's a no-win for the Democrats, and it just fuels the fire of the religious right that they didn't get want they want. If we thought they were on a crusade before, wait till we see how they react to being told "No."

And hey, who doesn't respond to analogies involving gay sex and manwhores?