May 11, 2005

If only it were Karl Rove in this mess

Mark Morford, my fantasy writer/columnist boyfriend and hypothetical owner of one of my ovaries, discusses in his column today the fact that the mayor of Spokane, Jim West, allegedly solicited consensual sex on with some 18-year-old gay dude. (No criminal charges have been filed as of yet.)

Rumor has it West is a closeted gay Republican, who also voted for the Defense of Marriage act in 1998 and propsed to criminalize any sort of sexual contact – not just intercourse – among teens.

I guess the MSM in the Pacific Northwest is all up in arms about the fact that this guy was looking for gay sex on the Internet (who DOES that?), but Morford hits the nail on the head – as he usually does – as to the real scandal here:

Here's what does it. Here's what makes West and people like him rife with potential for, well, some of the nastiest and most dishonest and dangerous abuses humans are capable of.

It's the ability to ignore the incredible hypocrisy of your own life, the staggering amount of self-loathing, the pathetic insincerity. It's the ability to join a political party that not only openly loathes, but actually violently condemns, your choice in sexual partners, a sexually ignorant platform that claims to have some sort of direct line to a gay-hating war-loving God, and then, in the middle of who knows how many gay affairs, to feel no shame as you step right up and endorse that exact same hateful agenda as public policy.


Brother Kenya said...

Mags, I'm ape for Morford! I read him religiously, and yes, this time he really got to the nitty gritty. The pathetic thing is, you know there are many more like this West guy, some in congress, no doubt.

Old Horsetail Snake said...

But just think of Jim's potential Internet slogan:

"I'm West, and I go South."

I mean....

Janelle Renee said...

Awesome post. If only it were Rove OR Rumsfield OR Georgy... Ahhh, we can only hope.

Jet said...

Great post, Mags. I can't imagine what it must be like to go through life with that much self loathing. This guy is supposed to make decisions for constituents? Good Grief.