May 4, 2005

Lenny speaks the truth

So I have the iPod on shuffle, right? And this cool song I hadn't heard in a while comes on. Thought in light of what's going on in the world lately, the lyrics are especially profound.

Sing it, Lenny:

The government’s the devil’s hands
It’s a lie and it’s a scam
They wind us up, put us down, and watch us go
And if you close your eyes
There’s a big surprise

What the f*** are we saying ?
Do we feel what we dream about ?
We’ve got to keep on praying
And one day we’ll see the light

I’ve been lost in the name of love
And we kill our brothers daily in the name of God
We’d better chill before we take on some tribulation
And if we realized
Then we’d make a little love now sing

What the f*** are we saying ?

"What the F*** Are We Saying?"
Lenny Kravitz, Mama Said

1 comment:

Gothamimage said...

I wrote a rap for Albert Gangsta-zales's promotion to AG

Gangsta-zales, Da Original AG at Da D.O.J.

Yo! Yo! Yo! - Gangsta-zales is in the house!*
Yo! Yo! Yo! - Gangsta-zales is in the heeeeeooooooouse!

Who dat be?

You Da MC ! You Tell Me!
He Be Gonzales, Da Original A.G. At Da D.O.J.!

What You Say?

You Heard Me, He Da Original A.G. AT Da D.O.J.!
Check It Ho! Listen A.G. - We Be Over To You....

Thank You MC, Been Poping Some Chill -At Da Dubya Grill

Mamma Christen'd Me Alberto
Made My Name At Gitmo
Me Memos Stoke Fear
More Than Any Ashcroft Seer!

Who Dat Be?
Suckah, listen to me, I be Da Original A.G. at Da D.O.J

Check It Ho's! , Check It Ho's!

House of Justice , House of Pain
All For Fun, Not Much Gain
Stuff up da butt, when we in a rut
Scream in da night, Zeus delight!

Suckah MC, I Be Da Original A.G. at D. O. J!
Condi Abscondi, I Make Da Soldah Boldah!

Torture Enabled, The Terror Fable!
Geneva Ignored, Da Monkey Soared!
Harvard Defaced, Like Da Human Race!
You Dink Da People Care - 'Bout Hot Air

Who You Gonna Call?
Who You Gonna Call?


Da Original A.G. At D.O.J.

Dat Who.