May 23, 2005

Chee. Kim Chee.

One of my favorite things to eat is instant ramen and kim chee. For those of you heathens not familiar with what kim chee is, it's basically spicy, fermented Napa cabbage. It's the best with some Korean kal bi (gotta have it with steamed, hot, sticky rice) or jap chae. I loves me some Korean food.

So I'm browsing through the latest issue of the Village Voice, and I came across this article about the writer's quest for good kim chee in New York.

Maybe I should start my own quest ...


OldHorsetailSnake said...

"Good" kim chee? This is not possible.

I wish I could put in my list of 10 things I've never done the fact that I never tasted kim chee. But I did, once. I am still gagiriferous over the experience.

You must have stomach (and abs) of steel.

God of Biscuits said...

There's a Korean grocery store down on John Daly blvd in San Francisco...i can get the name of it for you. They have their own kim chee in jars. They also sell kim chee that was prepared in Korea and shipped here, but for cabbage kim chee, their own brand is far far better.

Also, have you been to Brothers 2 Korean BBQ on Geary out near the Coronet Theater?

Adobo said...

kim chee with pork chops, bbq, and garlic fried rice. mmmmmmmmmm!!