May 27, 2005

Sushi paper, anyone?

From today's edition of Specialty Food News:

[Chicago chef Homaru] Cantu's sushi platter routinely has no rice or fish — but instead holds squares of tuna-and-rice flavored paper. The Caesar salad has no lettuce — only a single spoonful of romaine-flavored ice cream. The printed menu sometimes is edible and can be crumbled into a bowl of gazpacho — turning it into alphabet soup.

All this is included in one of the nation's most expensive tasting menus: With paired wine, the 20-course meal costs $240 per person.

That's not counting the tip.

At a time when competition for diners is fierce, a small but growing number of chefs are blazing a strange new trail: creating a dining experience that mixes haute cuisine with extreme science.

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$240. For a meal of fish-flavored paper, shrimp-flavored spray, and romaine lettuce-flavored ice cream. A "meal" that can last up to six hours. And people fly into Chicago from all places, just to eat here. Some people just have way too much money to spend.

No thanks, I can't eat another bite.

I'm sorry, I'd rather go to French Laundry and eat some real food. If I'm going to pay that much money, please believe that I'm there to dine, not snack on a "concept." And there better be a foodgasm involved. I'm just saying.

Have a great weekend, everybody.


Adobo said...

Egads! Very insane indeed! You can't pay me to eat in a place like that. When I eat out, I want to be stuffed to the point of almost bursting. Pinoy all-you-can-eat buffets! Now I would gladly pay a handsome amount of money for such hole in the walls!

OldHorsetailSnake said...

Strongly reminds me of my invention of Budweiser in a bottle made of bacon cracklings. Drink the beer, eat the bottle.

But my invention works for the common man, so it was not a big seller.

Secret Life of Peas said...

Amen Adobo! Bring on the bangus, adobo, the hassa hassa, puchero, binagoongang baboy, lumpia, pancit, ginataang talong, sasawang kamatis, halo halo, leche flan, and puto.

And don't forget Polish food!

Mags said...

Dude, what's "hassa hassa"? I thought I'd had it all ...

Garycheese said...

Just goes to show you how bored with life some people are that they crave the "new and different" without realizing the lack of true benefits they bring.

Oh wait, that's what us marketers rely on. Nevermind