May 4, 2005

Is your mutual fund a lemon?

I'm sure you all know to re-evaluate your mutal funds every year, right? Right?

Here's a list put out by Doug Fabian, an editor and investment adviser based out of Huntington Beach, that highlights mutual funds that have had "dismal" returns in the last five years.

Here's the list. If you want details, go here.

Fidelity Magellan

Fidelity Blue Chip Growth

AXP: New Dimensions

Oppenheimer Capital Appreciation

AIM: Premium Equity

Janus Worldwide

T. Rowe Price International Stock

Vanguard US Growth

Fidelity Aggressive Growth

Alliance Bernstein Large Cap Growth B

Putnam Voyager B

Fidelity Select Bio Tech


Gothamimage said...

Hey Mags!
Not for fund managers!
They did very well indeed!

Anonymous said...

If Fidelity Magellan is a "Lemon" would that make Fabian Financial a "Lemon"? Their loss was much greater than the Fidelity Magellan Fund over the same 5 year time period,