May 3, 2005

Tu ciudad, nuestro error

Courtesy of WorldNetDaily:

Citing "community feedback," the advertising company responsible for a Los Angeles area billboard that places L.A. in Mexico has announced it will revise the ad by Friday.

Check out the billboard here.

Am I just not getting it? Because I'm not offended by this. I can see gun-totin', God Bless America singin', Charlton Heston lovin' folk getting all enraged, but I get what the ad folks were trying to communicate: That they intimately know and understand their audience. That KCRA is the station to watch, because they are aware of issues that concern the Latino community in Los Angeles. They're not saying Los Angeles should secede. Whatever.

Anyway, so public outrage (not to mention a few choice words from the Governator) has prompted ClearChannel to revise the ad copy.

Thanks to Alberto for the link.


Garycheese said...

Curiously missing is a public statement as to "why" Ahnold and the others want it to come down. Cowards

Brother Kenya said...

Mags, you're the voice of reason. I'm getting so sick of all the xenophobia these days!

Lily said...

uh doesnt arnold have bigger problems he should be worrying over? I say someone should put an Austrian flag over mexico and lets see how and if arnold objects to that!

Andy said...

This is interesting, and a bit too complex for my (white, middle class, English) sensibilities, maybe. But...there's something here, isn't there, about a lack of irony, about over-seriousness, about defensiveness and over-sensitivity, and - dare I say it - about echoes of the Alamo, and a certain kind of misplaced 'bunker mentality', and about a reluctance to accept the reality (1000s and 1000s of years old) of 'racial' mixing and homogenisation? Or am I just talking bollocks? (The latter has been known...)