Apr 6, 2005

Why this world pisses me off sometimes

For those of you tryin’ to make a dollar outta fifteen cents, here’s a nice kick in the nuts: McDonalds Corporation announced that it has paid out bonuses (in the millions of dollars) to two past CEOs, now deceased. And yet, Joe Schmoe working the drive-thru window probably doesn’t even have health insurance.

There is some speculation that Britney and Kevin are having marital problems. I know, I’m as shocked as you are. Apparently the two checked into separate hotel rooms at a Santa Monica hotel, and that they called an “emergency meeting” among members of her family. Britney contends she is upset that her little foo-foo dog, Bit Bit, got knocked up by Porkchop, Britney’s brother’s dog. Whatever. A: Get your dog spayed/neutered (whichever), B: Don’t try to front like your marriage to Federline isn’t full of drama, and C: This further proves that you're an idiot, thinking that the concept of "incest" applies to dogs, even though Bit Bit is a chihuahua and Porkchop is a bulldog.

Torrid, the plus-size answer to Hot Topic, raked in almost $40 million in sales last year. It’s about time they had some decent clothes for bigger folks. But now people are saying that stores like Torrid “encourage obesity.” Bullshit. Stores like Torrid don’t encourage obesity; they’re filling a niche that desperately needs to be filled. I’ll admit I have some items from Torrid – I can’t walk around naked! – but I still manage to work out and eat healthy (sometimes). These stores are a response to the problem, not the cause. People need to recognize this and just let it go. Let the chunky kids have their clothes. It's more depressing - and one could argue, more of an encouragement for obesity - to walk into a mall and not be able to buy anything than walking into a mall and buying something that fits and - gasp - somewhat stylish, even.


OldHorsetailSnake said...

No, no, Mags. It was Britney that was knocked up by Porkchop, and Porkchop is a right-to-lifer so there won't be an abortion and they're all atwitter about what to name the baby.

ADAMANT said...

Britney? Louisiana Swamp Trash.

Clothing stores encouraging obesity? A concept brought to you by the same minds that think abstinance is the best form of contraception when cleary, it is their personalities that stop babies being made.

Anonymous said...

first off you are so right about the brit and keven thing get a divorce allready it is getting sad. and for the clothes thing absoulutly right i am a bigger girl myself and it is very depressing to go into a mall and not find anything to wear when you are close but at the same time just a few sizes to big it is infuriating. so thanks for standing up and saying that.