Apr 11, 2005

Bolton, Schmolton

So I guess today's the first day of John Bolton's confirmation hearing for the U.N. post, and he appears to be blatantly courting the vote of one Senator Lincoln Chafee (R-R.I.), whose vote is still "undecided." But Bolton's surprisingly ... diplomatic ... stance (i.e. that a bipartisan Congress should work together to help rebuild the U.N.'s image) seems to be working. At least for the moment.

In an unprecedented move, John Kerry's taking out ads in Rhode Island to try and persuade Chafee to vote against Bolton's confirmation. How 'bout that, eh?

We'll see what happens. I hope Chafee doesn't kick us in the nuts with his vote.


Tom Harper said...

I sure hope Bolton doesn't get the job. He isn't qualified and he has the wrong personality for any kind of diplomatic job.

Agitprop said...

Senator Boxer said it best to Bolton...(and I'm paraphrasing)...Why would you want to work at a place that you say does not exist?

God help us if Bolton gets in the U.N. This is a guy who wanted to invade Cuba in 2002 when he said they "had" biological weapons.

ADAMANT said...

We need to write a national 'Dear John' letter, very quickly.

jurassicpork said...

At my blog are my impressions of what I saw on CSPAN late last night. I thought that Senator Boxer's performance was utterly magnificent.